Information about the Administrator data
Please be aware that:


1. The administrator of your data are Marimax sp. z o.o.sp j, ul. Poezji 14, 04-994, Warszawa, hereinafter called "the administrator".


2. The administrator carries out the processing of your personal data.


3. Your personal data will be processed for marketing purposes, they constitute a commercial offer, and they will not be passed on to third parties.


4. Statement of your data is required in order to establish contact.


5. You are entitled to
- make corrections, limitations or to delete requests of the administrator to have access to your personal data,
- have objections to such data processing,
- to portability of data,
- to file a complaint with a supervisory body,
- to revoke your consent to processing of your personal data.


6. Your personal data as well as the establishment of your profile are not the subject of automated decisions.