Red chilli paprika

Net weight: 1300 g
Drained weight: 580 g
Ingredients: Paprika, water, wine vinegar, glucose syrup, salt, saccharin - sweetener. Sterilized without chemical preservatives.
Number of pieces in a box: 3

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Sliced red paprika

Net weight: 3500 g
Drained weight: 1600 g
Ingredients: Paprika, water, spirit vinegar, salt, sugar, spices, stabilizer: calcium chloride, sweetener - saccharin. Pasteurized product.
Number of pieces in a box: 3

Fresh-packed pickles

Net weight: 3600 g
Drained weight: 1800 g
Ingredients: Cucumbers, water, vinegar, dill, mustard - allergenic substance, salt, sugar, spices.
Number of pieces in a box: 2

Celery strings

Net weight: 1600 g
Drained weight: 800 g
Ingredients: Celery, spirit vinegar, salt, sugar, antioxidant - sodium pyrosulfite.
Number of pieces in a box: 6

Red beans

Net weight: 2500 g
Drained weight: 1500 g
Ingredients: Red beans, water, salt, antioxidant - ascorbic acid.
Number of pieces in a box: 6